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What is Coinsen?

Coinsen is a Cryptocurrency marketplace and auction site. We offer a safe and secure platform for sellers to list their items for sale and for buyers to bid and buy those items. We offer buyer protection, in-house automated escrow service, automated secure digital delivery, integrated shipping services, dispute resolution, fraud detection, and more.

Although Coinsen has processed 1000s of transactions, we still consider ourselves in the beta stage of development, as development continues with daily updates.

What coins are supported?

We currently support selling and buying with: Bitcoin, Dash, Dogecoin, Ethereum, GameCredits, Litecoin, Peercoin, Ripple, Steem, Steem Dollars, Stratis
Suggest coins to add here.

What can be sold on Coinsen?

You can sell any goods and services which are deemed legal to trade and not on our prohibited list. We have a comprehensive list on our rules page. If you cant sell it on eBay or Amazon, you cant sell it here. Think of Coinsen as the site you can show friends and family when they ask what you can buy with cryptocurrency.

What are the fees?

-FREE to join, no membership fees, no ads
-FREE to list an item
-0% fee when you buy
-7% transaction fee when you sell an item, you keep 93%
-1.0% fee + miner fee when you withdraw funds

Our fees are in place to cover development, fraud prevention services we employ, secure payment processor (all coins held off site), swift resolution center, exchange fees, and our affiliate program.

With normal managed marketplaces such as Poshmark, G2A, Amazon, or eBay you can pay up to ~30% or more in fees. With Cryptocurrency, we can offer lower fees with the same guarantees.

Compare Fees on a $10 Item or Service
$10.00 Item
-$0.70 fee 7%

You get: $9.30 in Crypto
$10.00 Item
-$1.50 fee 15%
-$0.99 List fee
-$1.53 Referral fee

You get: $5.98 in Cash
$10.00 Item
-$1.00 fee 10%
-$0.29 & -$0.30 Paypal fee

You get: $8.41 in Cash
$10.00 Item
-$2.00 fee 20%
-0.20 proc fee 2%

You get: $7.50 in Cash
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