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Our focus is on creating the marketplace so we will let you decide which coins are added next.

The order in which we will add coins is determined by interest. The list updates every ~15 minutes with total of all tips received to the address. Tips are used for development costs and testing transactions.

Coins to be Added
Coin Name Tip Address Tipped
Stellar Lumens
3100.34956775 Stellar Lumens
Vertcoin 53.50026556 Vertcoin
Digibyte 10000 Digibyte
2.49424383 Monero
Verge 10000 Verge
CLAMs 24.30059334 CLAMs
Pivx 30.11247571 Pivx
MonaCoin 17.53497022 MonaCoin
ReddCoin 10000 ReddCoin
SysCoin 133.70242735 SysCoin
BitCrystals 0 BitCrystals
RubyCoin 0 RubyCoin
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