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Warhawk - Sony Playstation 3 2007

Warhawk is a multiplayer third-person vehicle and flight combat video game developed by Incognito Entertainment exclusively for the PlayStation 3. It is a remake of an aerial warfare game of the same name, which was a launch title on the original PlayStation. Apart from the similarity of controlling aircraft, the remake bears little other resemblance. It was the first PlayStation 3 game to be available both for download on the PlayStation Network and for retail on Blu-ray Disc. For the United States, Blu-ray Disc and PlayStation Network versions were released on August 28, 2007. The PlayStation Network version was released in Europe, Australia and Japan on August 30, August 31 and October 4 respectively. The Blu-ray Disc version was released in Australia and Europe on September 20 and September 21, respectively, but was not released in Japan.

Players: 4 Co-op: No
Release: 08/27/2007
Developer: Incognito Entertainment
Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
T - Teen

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