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How to Sell Items for Crypto

Step 1: Set your Currency
On the balance page, select your preferred currency to be paid with. You will only be paid in this currency.

Step 2: Create a Listing
Click on "List Item" at the top and describe the item you are selling. Make sure to include some good pics!

Step 3: Wait
Depending on the price and item your listing could be bought right away or may take a little time to find the right buyer. Consider lowering your price if your item does not get interest.

List more in the meantime!

Step 4: It Sold!
Now a buyer has purchaed it! You will receive an email notification walking you through the next steps. Deliver the item to the buyer, they're looking forward to it!

Step 5: Payment
Once the buyer has the item your crypto can be released. Once they leave feedback or a couple days have passed, you will receive your crypto into your balance.

Step 6: Withdraw
On your balance page you can withdraw your crypto to your own personal wallet.

Step 7: Repeat!
Find more items to sell and get even more crypto!
Your order delivered, or your money back