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Mission Statement
Coinsen aims to play a small part in pushing cryptocurrency to mainstream usage by operating a site where cryptocurrency users can shop in cryptocurrency, see prices in cryptocurrency, and sell items/services being paid in cryptocurrency.

This site is a large project so any help is appreciated. You can always reach out to us at [email protected]

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Just by using Coinsen you are supporting our mission. By buying items/services from other users or listing your own items/services for sale. It keeps the economy flowing.

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Whether its a social media shout out, a post on your blog, or even just telling a friend, it helps us and is greatly appreciated!

Tip Us
If you wanted to tip us to help with development costs, promotion, and an energy drink every now and then you can do so at the following:
Dogecoin Address: DH5eKVkEowuvjTu8MAkYaFGvxf3b3mkq1B
Bitcoin Address: 1KFwSxQQML39Qgw1ncEg8BazwE6g26MZmw
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